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Helen in no haste to resume marital life

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June 11, 1930

The New York Times is reporting that "according to well-informed quarters," Princess Helen has stipulated that King Carol's relations with Zizi Lambrino and Magda Lupescu must end before she will consider having their divorce annulled. It was "said tonight that representatives of both women were en route to Budapest, Hungary, to discuss settlement of all claims on Carol."

Helen's divorce "is said to contain enough errors to make annulment an easy matter," if this is the wish of both parties. It is expected that the incoming government will settle the question of Carol's divorce. Today, Princess Helen canceled a visit to Kronberg, where she had planned to attend a family festivity.

Dowager Queen Marie, who is returning to Roumania earlier than planned, declared "Above all things I want to see Helen by Carol's side." But she was alarmed at the possibility of Lupescu and Zizi Lambrino, Carol's former morganatic wife, "appearing as ghosts from the past to haunt Carol's future.
Marie passed through Vienna this evening on the Orient Express. She looked "very well, wearing a long black dress with a coiffure cap ornamented with large pearls and a long rope with several hundred pearls. She is traveling with her sister, Grand Duchess Kirill of Russia.

"I am returning a day sooner than I had arranged because I wish to be with my son as soon as possible to offer my services to him in the great, heavy task confronting him. I know the whole royal family will unite around King Carol. I hope above all things to have the great joy of seeing Princes Helen at his side as Queen.

"Beyond that, what I most desire is that around King Carol should gather all statesmen, parties and national forces of the country to cooperate with him in the great work which stands before him."

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