Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crown Prince Gustaf visits Ford plant

June 22, 1926

Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and Crown Princess Louise visited the Ford motor plant in Detroit today, according to the Associated Press. The Crown prince said he had "long looked forward" to his trip, where he "met the automobile manufacturers and inspected a portion of the Ford industries here." The royal couple visited the Ford's plant in Highland Park, Michigan. They marveled at "the efficiency and speed with which motor cars were manufactured."
"I had heard much of Mr. Ford in Sweden," said the Crown Prince,"and I looked forward to this meeting with him, and this visit to his factories with, as much pleasure as any one thing on my tour.
"In Sweden, we make a few trucks; but we import many automobiles. There, we encourage more the industry in the home than the great factories such as you have in America."
This evening, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were the guests of honor at a dinner and dance at the Lake St. Clair home of Charles Beecher Warren. Henry Ford's own "old-time" orchestra provided the music.
The Crown Prince Couple took part in the stately lancers dance. They said they "felt more at home dancing the older, more sedate dances."
Henry and Edsel Ford and their wives were also guests.
Tomorrow the Crown Prince and Crown Princess leave for Chicago.

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