Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carol loses allowance

June 17, 1926

Former Crown Prince Carol has been dropped from the Civil List by the Roumanian government, according to an Associated Press report. Carol, whose "recent escapades with Mme. Lupescu attracted world-wide attention," is considered to have abandoned his wife, Helen.
Princess Helen and her four-year-old son, Crown Prince Michael, will receive Carol's former allowance of $60,000 a year.
Carol will be "obliged to live on the revenue from his small land holdings in Rumania and on the income from the money left him by his great uncle, King Carol." This allowance is "said to aggregate about $30,000 a year." Prince Carol lives openly in Paris with Mme. Lupescu.
F.C. Nano, the former Roumanian Chargé d'Affaires at Washington, recently met with Prince Carol in Paris. He says the Prince "is showing keen interest in Rumanian affairs." Carol "appeared somewhat board with his life with Mme. Lupescu." Nano believes Prince Carol is remorseful "for his recent action," and he believes a reconciliation between Carol and the royal family will take place within the next six to nine months."
Mr Nano declares, however, that Mme. Lupescu "has a firm hold on the Prince and dominates him" as Princess Helen "never attempted to do." Mme. Lupescu "keeps a sharp eye," on Carol, fearing he "may become enamored of some pretty French girl."

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