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Haakon & Maud "crowned and hailed"

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 June 22, 1906

King Haakon VII and Queen Maud were "invested with the crowns of Norway today" at the cathedral at Trondheim.

The New York Times reported "quiet reigned for the first time since the coronation festivities began," and merged into a cold, sunless day, and scarcely a sound save the tramp of soldiers, the roll of carriage wheels and occasional shouts broke the silence, until all the city's bells announced" that the royal family had left the palace and were en route to the cathedral.

The cathedral was lit with "festoons of electric globes that shone with a dim uncertainty in the pale daylight."

"Grouped around the King's throne" were members of his family, Crown Prince Christian and Crown Princess Alexandrine of Denmark, Prince Harold of Denmark and Prince Henry of Prussia, while about the Queen's throne were the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Victoria, and Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia.

At 11 a.m, members of Norway's Cabinet "in company with leading clergymen from all parts of Norway, with the officiating Bishops, marched down the aisle to await the arrival of the King and Queen."

The sovereigns took their place at the dais, and after a hymn had been sung, the Bishop of Trondheim "delivered an impressive sermon through which ran a clear note of courage and happiness."

King Haakon, "grave and dignified," walked to the throne. His "long and purple robe" was carried by five young naval officers. He "presented an appearance kingly enough to satisfy any people."

The congregation was silent, and the only music played during the investiture was soft music from the organ. After the anointment and the prayer, the crown was placed upon the King's head by Premier Michelsen. The King walked down the aisle to the dais, "wearing the crown and carrying the sceptre orb."

Women "wept and men looked strangely moved."

The orchestra and the chorus "broke into music," and Queen Maud, accompanied by one lady-in-waiting and three maids of honor, "advanced with slightly hesitating steps toward the throne." She "looked regal in a robe of gold moiré embroidered with silver and pearls. Apart from a collar of diamonds, the Queen wore no other jewels. Once the crowning ceremony was repeated, Queen Maud returned to her seat, "bowing to the people on either side."

On returning to the Palace, the King and Queen received congratulations from members of the Norwegian parliament and other officials. Still wearing their coronation robes, the King and Queen appeared on the balcony "in response to the roars of the cheers from the vast throne assembled outside."

At the State dinner, which was held this evening in the palace, more than 350 guests attended incldung "all the visiting Princes and Princesses." Outside crowds continued to cheer the arrival of the members of different royal families and others.

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