Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lupescu denies plan to return to Roumania

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June 15, 1930

Elena Lupescu, the companion of King Carol, when he lived in exile, has issued a formal statement, saying that she has no plans to return to Bucharest, now that King Carol is on the throne. The statement from a "high official" was released to the international media, including the AP.

"Please set the mind of the world at ease regarding Mme. Lupescu. She is too astute a person to return to Bucharest for a long time, if ever. She has her income, and knows she cannot induce Carol, now that he has taken the decisive plunge, to draw his mind from the serious work awaiting him."

Newspapers have been filled with rumors regarding Mme. Lupescu. One rumor said that she was racing to Bucharest to prevent a reconciliation between King Carol and his former wife, Helen. Another rumor was that she would be made one of Queen Helen's ladies-in-waiting. A third rumor credited Mme. Lupescu with engineering the coup that brought Carol home from exile "in his successful bid for the throne."

Carol's younger sister, Princess Ileana, arrived today in Athens on her way home from Cairo. She said she "was greatly pleased by Carol's return to Bucharest."

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