Monday, June 21, 2010

The next grand occasion...

So ... what will be the next grand royal occasion? Perhaps an announcement from Monaco, now that Charlene Wittstock accompanied the Prince of Monaco to Crown Princess Victoria's engagement.

The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg remains the only eligible adult heir to a throne. He will have a grand wedding, but nothing in comparison to the recent royal weddings.

Prince William is second in line to the throne. His wedding will be newsworthy, but, as he is second in line, his marriage is unlikely to be a state occasion.

What about other events, including Jubilees and anniversaries. In September, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a weekend of gala events ...

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John said...

And of course, William Wales' newsworthy wedding won't have some of the glitter like the Scandinavian weddings. Hats, pearls, day dresses. But, elegant and it shines in it's own simple way.
I wonder if Albert II's wedding would be a more evening-wear type of affair? His parent's wedding was more of a hats and pearl affair from what I can see in the old photos.