Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Princess Victoria to marry Lord Revelstoke

June 11, 1898

By special cable to the New York World and Chicago Tribune.

There is "renewed vitality" to rumors of an engagement between Princess Victoria and John Baring, Lord Revelstoke, the present head of Baring's Bank, "by the circumstance that Queen Victoria has just appointed his sister, Miss Baring, an extra maid of honor."

Princess Victoria's "unhappy passion for Revelstoke," is said to be the reason why she withdrew from society. But now her grandmother, Queen Victoria, is looking "favorably on Revelstoke's suit.'

He is a "highly respected, hard working, good-looking fellow," and it is understand Princess Victoria's "special interest in his was first awakened by the misfortunes of his family."

Lord Revelstoke never misses a day at the bank, according to the newspaper.
Princess Victoria "has some animation," and is not like her younger sister, Princess Maud, "who is extremely quiet and of a retiring disposition." Princess Victoria's determination, "freely expressed," is to marry the man of "her own choice.

Her father, the Prince of Wales "is not yet reconciled" to the idea of his daughter marrying "bearer of a new title." His opposition "will soon be overborne if the Queen is favorable to Revelstoke."

Lord Revelstoke is the second of that title, as his father, Edward Charles Baring, was elevated to the peerage as Baron Revelstoke in 1885. The present Lord Revelstoke succeeded to the title and to the head of the family's banking house in 1897. He is 34 years old, and maintains a London residence at 37 Charles Street, Berkeley Square. His seat is Membland, Plymouth, in Devon.

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