Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A future princess

Nice profile in a South African newspaper

Charlene left school when she was 16 to pursue her passion for swimming. She did not attending university. Before moving to Monaco -- she met the Prince at a swimming meet there in 2000 but did not become involved with Albert until 2004 -she worked as a youth leader.


Unknown said...

About the photo of Charlene: it was taken when she was in the 7th grade at a South African school. So she was about 13. The photo doesn't give any hints of her future beauty. Duckling to swan, indeed.

I'm wondering how Caroline of Hanover is taking the upcoming wedding. Some sources mention how jealous she was of her brother when he was born. She is a strong and feisty lady with claims on the throne of Monaco. Right or wrong, she believes the throne belongs to her. For years, it has been a given that she and her children would inherit. Caroline is being displaced in more than one of her dynastic roles. Caroline has served as the First Lady of Monaco for many years, first for her father, Prince Rainier, after the death of her mother in 1982. Charlene has been attending the big events in Monaco for several years, and elsewhere, including the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden with Daniel Westling last Saturday, but she has been attending as Prince Albert's date. Soon she will be taking on the role of First Lady permanently.

Charlene is 32, twenty years younger than her future husband, and twenty three years younger than her future sister in law, Caroline. She is likely to have children, who will displace Caroline and her children in the succession.

It's hard to avoid the thought that a Lady Macbeth situation is in the making. Or it may simply provide dramatic fodder for the tabloids for years to come.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Caroline was only an infant when her brother was born so I doubt there was jealousy. This story could go either way. Caroline might be relieved especially as her eldest son has not been in preparation as the eventual heir.
Stephanie and Caroline have been doing the First Lady stuff. Stephanie has often been by Albert's side as the lady. But now things will certainly change.
Of course, if Charlene never has a child, Caroline's line still remains very important.