Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carol proclaimed King

June 8, 1930

An Act of the Roumanian Parliament today "wiped out the history of the last five years," according to the New York Times. This was the act that then Crown Prince Carol renounced his rights to the throne and live in exile. This law was declared null and void, and "Carol was stated to have been the de jure ruler under the title of Carol II from the date of his father's death."

Carol's young son, Michael, loses the title of ex-King, and will now be styled as the Grand Voivoide of Alba Julia.

Bucharest exploded into wild moments of enthusiasm for the new king. Carol's former tutor, Professor Jorga said that Carol "had been the victim of discreditable intrigue." He blamed the late Jon Bratianu and Prince Stirbey for persuading the "unwilling King Ferdinand to pronounce a sentence of banishment against his beloved son."

The law, which canceled Carol's abdication, passed with 310 votest against 1. At precisely 2:40 p.m.. Carol was proclaimed King of Roumania. Forty minutes earlier, the king, accompanied by his brother, Prince Nicolas, left the Cotroceni Palace. Although they had to travel only two miles to Parliament, "the irrepressible enthusiasm of the crowds was so great that they did not arrive until 3:15."

The cheering grew even louder when Parliament's doors were flung open and the President announced: "The National Assembly has taken the oath of the king."

King Carol, in his speech to Parliament and the Roumanian people, clared that "despite years of exile the spiritual unity of himself and the Roumanian people had never been interrupted."

"I do not wish death to those sinned against me, but I rejoice over every one who returns to the fold from which he never should have strayed," said the king, "quoting from the Orthodox version of the Scriptures.

"At least I can return to my dear son, whom I will protect and whom I will bring up to love his fatherland. I thank my brothers and his colleagues in the regency who have guarded the country for me while I was away."

His voice, breaking with emotion, Carol said: "In this hour, my father's last wish was fulfilled."

In his speech, King Carol did not refer to his mother or his former wife, Princess Helen.

Professor Jorga met with Princess Helen earlier today. Her relations with Carol "are still very obscure." She told Jorga that she would never leave the country, "but she would educate Michael herself." It was reported tonight that Carol sent Prince Nicholas to Princess Helen's residence, "asking her to send their son to see him. Nicholas returned with Helen's sister, "and with a message that she loved her son too much to part with him for an hour." It is understood that Carol then went to palace, and, "after some difficulty," he was able to see his son.

It is not known if these proceedings are accurate, but according to Roumanian law, "Michael belongs to Carol. Sons of divorced parents in Rumania are in the father's custody after they are 6 years old."

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