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An interview with Prince Philip of Serbia

Prince Philip and Lucy Attwood, Belgrade September 2010

STIL Magazine, 2 May 2011

Other people make me feel like a prince

By Zaklina Milankovic

Charming Philip Karageorgevitch talks about his profession, favourite sports, and explains when he really feels like a Prince.
Beside his confession that love takes an important part of his life, he reveals that we are not going to hear wedding bells soon in spite of his long and happy relationship with his girlfriend Lucy Attwood.
Son of Serbian Crown Prince Alexander Karageorgevitch and his first wife Princess Maria de Gloria of Orleans and Braganza, attracted attention because of his participation in Belgrade Marathon, when he helped to raise money for children with disabilities. Despite his profession in the financial business and his love for the arts, he truly enjoys sports and he uses every moment to test himself in different sports, especially running.

How often do you participate in this kind of events? With what purpose?

I was ran the Belgrade half-marathon for the Princess Katherine Foundation. All funds raised are for children with disabilities, regardless of religion or ethnic origin. I take an active part in many humanitarian events. For example, last year my girlfriend Lucy and I ran the Athens Marathon on behalf of the Greek Lifeline Foundation, where funds raised were shared between Serbian and Greek children.

Together with Princes Peter and Alexander you are host to the Humanitarian Princes Ball, which is an annual event for women in Serbia.

It is actually a humanitarian gala masquerade which is going to be held on May 13th in the famous New York restaurant "Cipriani“. Plenty of wealthy and famous donors are attending this event. Because the situation in Serbia's health system is still difficult, all money we will raise is going for projects of social inclusion, and supporting the health sector in Serbia.

How do you keep your body in such a good shape?

I go to the gym very often, and participate in lots of different types of exercises. I also run and swim very much. Actually I’m always trying new kind of sporting activities.

You enjoy extreme sports, which one exactly?

I like snowboarding and I practice it very often when I come to Serbia. Also I enjoy surfing and I have visited lots of different places around the world because of that. When I was younger, I skateboarded.

Your girlfriend, Lucy Attwood, also came with you to Belgrade. How much does love mean to you in your life, and can we hope to see a Serbian royal wedding soon?

Lucy has visited Belgrade several times, and she likes Serbia very much. Love is very important to everybody and without it we cannot live, but I can assure you that you will not hear wedding bells soon.

Did you have a chance to meet Kate Middleton, Prince William’s fiancée?

No, I haven’t met Kate, but some of my friends know her and they say she is very pleasant. I wish everything best for Kate and William.

How often do you visit Belgrade? Which places are your favourite, and do you often take your close friends with you?

I come to Belgrade very often; in fact here is my home. I like to take my friends to see the Avala tower because the view is so beautiful and lovely.

You have diploma in art history, but still you work in a financial institution. What is the reason of this decision?

Yes, I have diploma in arts, Spanish studies in general. I believe that it is very important for everybody to value art and culture, because that's the way we can realize how people function, and basically how business functions. I like macroeconomics too, it's interesting to keep track of the market. I think that financial situation and practice are something you can learn very easily.

How does it look like to be a Prince in the 21st century, and when do you really feel like a prince?

I feel like a prince only when other people make me feel like it. To be a prince nowadays is not like it used to be. I live a normal life when people do not know who I am.

What are those usual and ordinary things that you like to do?

Mostly food, sport, art, music, travelling and lots of beautiful moments with my friends and family.

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