Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wikipedia strikes again! Marries off Archduke Gerhard

Goodness gracious.   It is virtually impossible to take Wikipedia seriously.

According to the entry on Archduke Robert (father of Prince Lorenz of Belgium),  his third child, Archduke Gerhard (1957) has married Archduchess Natalie Karoline of Austria, only daughter archduke Ladislaus of Austria (who is said to be the son of Joseph Augustus of Austria. )
  • Archduke Anton Karl Ludwig Georg Felix Marcus d'Aviano of Austria ( 29 August 1976-)
This is fake.  Gerhard is not married, has never married.  Moreover, the only archduchess with the first name Natalie was born in 1884, the fourth child of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen.  Natalie died in 1898.

Gerhard does not have a son.  There is no archduke Ladislas. 

Here is a link to a photograph of the alleged Archduke Anton.

Fake, fake, fake.  I repeat: Archduke Gerhard has not married.  He does not have a son. No Archduchess Natalie.  

[I have removed the information. Let's hope it stays removed.]

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The Blessed Virgin said...

The problem with Wikipedia is there are too many editors who hide behind a shady cloth and pretend to be HIGH and ALMIGHTY.. Time for change for Wikipedia or face extinction.