Friday, February 28, 2014

Is the Crown Prince trying to arrange a peace with Croys

February 28, 1914

Is Crown Prince Wilhelm, eldest son of the German Emperor, "acting as intermediary" between the Duke of Croy and his family?  A special cable from the New York Times' Berlin correspondent notes that "court circles" are wondering why the Crown Prince paid a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Croy at their hotel in Berlin.  Could this mean an "approaching recognition"  by Wilhelm II and his court of the Duke of Croy's American wife, the former Miss Nancy Leishman.

There are also reports that the Crown Prince is trying to bring about a reconciliation between the Duke and his family, who have been "estranged from him since his marriage."  He married against the wishes of his family, and they consider his marriage to Miss Leishman to be morganatic.

The Duchess did not accompany the Duke last week when he attended the wedding of "one of her former ardent admirers, Count Georg Fugger because of her ostracization by the Court set."

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