Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dutch say no pressure on Irene

February 5, 1964

The Dutch government said today that "no political pressure had been exerted on Princess Irene, second in line to the Netherlands throne, to abandon her engagement plans."

Last night, in a radio broadcast, Queen Juliana announced that the 24-year-old Princess "would not become engaged as she had planned."  The name of the young man, believed to be a Spaniard, was not named.

One Dutch newspaper, Het Parool, reported from Spain that "it is almost certain" that Princess Irene's suitor is a "wealthy, 30-year-old Spanish engineer," Santiago Ibarra de Churruca.

Princess Irene and Mr. Ibarra de Churrca have known each other for two years, but "his family "insists the two are just good friends."

Ibarra de Churruca comes from Bilbao, "where his family has important steel mill interests."

Prince Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon also has denied publicly that he is dating Princess Irene.

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