Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Donna Elvira wins judicial separation

February 4, 1898

A special dispatch from Rome to London states a "judicial separation has been granted to Donna Elvira, daughter of Don Carlos," according to the New York Times.

Donna Elvira's estranged husband, Count Filippo Folchi, has been ordered to pay her 300 francs per month as alimony.

Donna Elvira is Don Carlos' second daughter.  She caused a "sensation in European in November 1896, when she eloped from Rome with Count Folchi, "an artist, described as a married man with a family."   She used a visitor to her sister, Princess Massimo, to run off with Folchi.

Donna Elvira took with her all of her jewelry, worth about $60,000.

Described a "penniless, ugly, and a criminal, Folchi is alleged to have used hypnotism as the "cause of the elopement."

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