Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Could this be the story that ends a marriage: Not sure what to think of Bunte's cover story

This is the is the cover story for the newest issue of Bunte, which came out today in Germany.  I have not seen the actual article.  A quick translations:  Charlene of Monaco. Caught.  The scandal photos.  That Prince Albert has not noticed.  He is in Sochi, and his wife is getting out of hand in the Caribbean.

Bunte has added the story to its website.  The man in the photo is an Anglican priest, Charlie  Vere Nicholl,  who runs a hotel with his wife, Mandie, in St. Barts.

In an attempt to contain a public relations disasters, sources close to the Princess of Monaco  tell Bunte that Charlene had been at a church service in St. Barts, after donating  lifesaving equipment.   Vere Nicholl and his wife, along with other community members, joined the princess  for a dinner at, Bonito, a luxury restaurant  with "well-stocked wines and men indulge in cigars."

Bonito is  where the well-heeled eat.    This is the five star hotel owned by the Vere Nicholls.


juan said...

I hope inside this magazine there are other kind of pictures because if the "scandal" photos are just these pictures, I don't see any strange thing. We don't know who is this man, he can be a close relative or friend, they are not doing something strange, a hug and a cheek' s kiss is not a scandal.

emily said...

I agree. No one is naked, no one is locked in a steamy embrace (that looks to me like an awkward hug or some purposely silly dancing), no passionate kissing. I'm not seeing why this is big news, unless Bunte knows something we don't.