Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sigvard won't break engagement

February 20, 1934

Prince Sigvard of Sweden, the 26-year-old second son of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, was "disowned by the Swedish royal house tonight," according to the Chicago Daily Tribune.

He "aroused the anger" of his grandfather, King Gustav V, for refusing to end his engagement to Erika Patzek, a movie extra.  They met at a Berlin film studio.

Miss Patzek is said to be the daughter of a Berlin businessman, who owns several stands at the central market.  Friends describe her as "beautiful, diminutive, and in her early twenties."

An official statement was released by the Swedish news agency which was "authorized to state that Prince Sigvard arrived in London recently and there made preparations to marry a woman of German nationality.  The Prince took this step against the express will of the king and the crown prince."

Prince Sigvard, whose mother, Princess Margaret of Connaught died in 1919, has been reported engaged on several occasions.  In 1929, he was said to be in love with Princess Maria, the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Italy.  A year later, his father "officially denied a report out of Amsterdam that that he and Princess Juliana were about to become engaged.

Prince Sigvard's cousin, Prince Lennart, son of Prince Wilhelm, second son of Gustav V,  incurred the wrath of the Swedish royal family when he married a Swedish commoner, Karin Nissvandt, in March 1932.  He lost his royal titles, and is now known as Mr. Lennart Bernadotte.

According to the Associated Press, Count Folke Bernadotte, a cousin of the crown Prince, flew to London on Saturday to "appeal to Sigvard to respect the wishes of his family" and abandon his plans to marry.

Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf wanted to go himself, but as the King is in France, he, acting as regent, cannot leave Sweden.

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