Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Leopold not king immediately

February 19, 1934

Crown Prince Leopold, "bowed with grief at the tragic death" of his father, King Albert," prepares to take the oath office and become King Leopold III of the Belgians.

The 33-year-old Prince will remain the Crown Prince until Friday when he is sworn in, reports United Press.   According to the Belgian constitution, he does not "automatically become King on the King's death," but only when he takes the oath of office.

In the meantime, the Belgian cabinet will act as the Regency, "with the Premier signing state papers instead of the monarch."

On Friday, the two houses of Parliament will convene, and Leopold will pronounce "to swear to observe the constitution and law of the people of Belgium and maintain our national independence and territorial integrity."  At the same time, Princess Astrid will become the Queen of the Belgians, and Queen Elisabeth, widow of King Albert, will "take the title of Queen Mother."

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