Friday, February 21, 2014

Queen Elisabeth's condition has worsened

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 February 21, 1934

Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians is "prostrated by grief at the loss of her husband, King Albert," reports United Press.  Her condition has considerably worsened.

When she received word on Sunday about the death of her husband while he was mountain climbing, she sought "stoically to retain her composure."   Her doctors say her illness "is not critical," but she is not well enough to attend ceremonies on Friday, when her eldest son, the Duke of Brabant, becomes King Leopold III.

She recently was stricken with lumbago, and the sudden death of her husband "threatened to cause a collapse."

The Belgian government has taken "extraordinary precautions" to guard the funeral procession, which will take place tomorrow.  The Prince of Wales, the heir to the British throne, flew from London in his private plane, which was escorted by "nine bombing planes."

A "strong police detail" has also been placed around the Embassy of Italy, where Crown Prince Umberto is staying.  He is the husband of Princess Marie Jose,  King Albert's only daughter.

Belgian authorities did not want a "repetition of the attempt" to assassinate Umberto when he visited Brussels in 1930.

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