Monday, February 3, 2014

Another baby for Princess Juliana

February 3, 1939

The Dutch court announced today that Princess Juliana is expecting a second child in "the middle of August," reports the New York Times.  Only three days ago, during the celebrations of Princess Beatrix's first birthday, the court denied that Princess Juliana, heir to the Dutch throne, was again pregnant.

Queen Wilhelmina decided to "end the frequent inquiries" about Princess Juliana by making the announcement "much earlier" than is "considered desirable."

The news was "received with joy" through the Netherlands, but not with the same amount of excitement when Princess Juliana went on the radio in May 1937 to announce that "she hoped to bear an heir of the house of Orange."

Princess Beatrix will move to third in the line of succession if Princess Juliana gives birth to a son.

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