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Alessandra Torlonia formally presented

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February 27, 1954

Donna Alessandra Torlonia, a "tall blonde, princess," a granddaughter of the late King Alfonso XIII of Spain and the late American heiress, Elsie Moore, was today "presented to royalty and society" at a gala ball in Rome, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Many of the female guests wore "diamond studded tiaras and coronets."

This was the first "royal presentation" since Italy became a republic nearly a decade ago.  It was the "most brilliant social event" of this season.

The coming out party was held at the Palazzo Torlonia on the Via Bocca di Leone, which belongs to Alessandra's father, Alessandro, the Prince of Civitella-Cesi, who is married to Infanta Beatriz of Spain, elder daughter of Kinf Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia.

The young princess was "presented formally" to her grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, her uncle, Don Juan, Count of Barcelona, pretender to the Spanish throne, and his wife, Doña Mercedes.   Members of Italian and Spanish aristocratic families were also presented.

There were also reports in the Italian press that Donna Alessandra's engagement to King Baudouin of the Belgians would be announced at the party.

King Baudouin was not present at the gala, and no announcement was made.  A spokesman for the Belgian Embassy in Rome said that "as far as he new the king had never met the princess."

Alessandra's father is the son of the late Don Marino Torlonia and Elsie Moore, the daughter of the late Charles A Moore, a New York millionaire.  Princess Torlonia died in New York in 1941.

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