Monday, February 10, 2014

Irene's decision approved by Cabinet

 February 10, 1964

Dutch Premier Victor Marijnen said tonight that "Princess Irene's decision to renounce her rights to the Dutch throne" were "taken in full agreement," reports the New York Times.

Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma, 33 is the son of Prince Xavier, a claimant to the Spanish throne.

The Dutch government rejected as "utter nonsense" reports that  Princess Beatrix, heir to the throne "had exerted pressure" on Irene to give up her rights because she feared that the marriage could lead to a "political conflict that could threaten the throne."

The "official denial" is supported by "sources in the Hague."

Prince Carlos's parents, Prince Xavier and Princess Madeleine and his sister, Princess Marie des Neiges, arrived today in Amsterdam.  They accompanied Prince Carlos and Princess Irene on a boat trip through Amsterdam's canals.

The date of the marriage is expected to be announced soon.

The wedding may take place in a Roman Catholic Church in The Hague, but Roman Catholic authorities have said they "have not been consulted."

In a broadcast tonight, the Dutch premier said that Princess Irene, 24, and Prince Carlos have not had an easy time.  They are a couple very much in love, but the situation "seemed much worse" because of the "publicity focused on royalty."

Confusing reports from Spain made the situation more difficult for Queen Juliana and the Government to prepare an official engagement announcement.  Princess Irene refused to return to the Netherlands  to "discuss her position" in view of Prince Carlos's "political aspirations." 

The "political activities in another country" is considered "fitting for the husband of a Dutch Princess who might become queen."

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