Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Correspondence of Marie of Orleans up for sale

Oh, to be super rich right now. 

Three thousand photographs and four thousands letters between Princess Marie of Orleans, the wife of Prince Valdemar of Denmark, and family members, including Queen Alexandra,  the Duchess of Cumberland, Empress Marie of Russia, and other relations, are up for auction in France.


Prince Valdemar (1858-1939) was the youngest son of King Christian IX of Denmark and Princess Louise of Hesse-Cassel.  He was the brother of King Frederik VIII of Denmark, Queen Alexandra, King George I of Greece, Empress Marie of Russia and, Thyra, Duchess of Cumberland. 

In what was seen as a political match,  Prince Valdemar married Princess Marie of Orléans (1865-1909) in October 1885. 

Princess Marie was the daughter of Prince Robert, Duke of Chartres and Princess Francoise of Orleans.  She was a niece of the Count of Paris.

As Princess Marie was Roman Catholic, and Prince Valdemar a Lutheran, they agreed to raise their sons as Lutherans, and daughters as Roman Catholics.

They had five children:  Prince Aage (18887-1940) who married Matilda di Calvi Bergolo; Prince Axel (1888-1964) married to Princess Margaretha of Denmark, Prince Erik (1890-1950) married Canadian Los Frances Booth, Prince Viggo (1893-1970) to American Eleonore Green and Princess Margrethe (1895-1992), who married Prince René of Bourbon-Parma.

Although neither reported nor confirmed, it seems likely that one or more of Marie's descendants is selling this mammoth and truly historical collection.

Prince Aage and his wife had one son, Valdemar, whose marriage was childless. Prince Axel was the father of two sons, Georg and Flemming.  Georg's marriage to Anne Bowes-Lyon, the divorced wife of Viscount Anson, was childless. Prince Flemming has descendants from his marriage to Ruth Nielsen.

Prince Viggo's marriage was childless, but Prince Erik and Princess Margrethe have numerous descendants.  Two of Margrethe's children,  Queen Anne of Romania and Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma are still alive.

Queen Alexandra's paper trail is limited as she chose to burn her correspondence, diaries and other papers.   Knowing that some of her letters remain extant is great news for historian.

This inquiring mind wants to know:  did Marie discuss with her family her husband's relationship with his nephew, Prince George of Greece?


Michelle said...

to what are you referring in regards to the tsar & prince george?

do the people who end up buying these types of things usually release them for all to study, such as a historian or organization, or is it typically private individuals who simply have an interest and do not share them? such history!

juan said...

When you say "her family" do you mean her Orleans relatives or her in laws? I don't think she could tell anything new to her in laws about her husband and his nephew, for sure her in laws knew much better than her that relationship because both started to be very close before they got married to Marie of Orleans and Marie Bonaparte.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Not the Tsar and Prince George, but Prince Valdemar and his nephew, Prince George of Greece. Let's just say they had a very close relationship.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michelle, no idea what will happen as the collection may well be sold in lots, not as one piece.

Michelle said...

ahh, okay, that makes more sense. i was thinking of EMPRESS Marie. hence the confusion. ;-)

juan said...

It´s sad, this important collection should be in the Danish Royal Archives, so many letters and pictures !!!!