Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nicholas receives communion

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February 27, 1904

After "having fasted," Russian Emperor Nicholas II was driven this morning to Anichkoff Palace to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, reports the New York Times.   He was accompanied by Empress Alexandra and their eldest daughter, Grand Duchess Olga.  Both of whom "were dress in white in honor of the solemn occasion."

Nicholas wore full dress uniform.  The congregation include the Dowager Empress Marie and her younger daughter, Grand Duchess Olga, and the latter's husband, Grand Duke Peter of Oldenburg.

The Emperor received the "consecrated bread and wine" from the Court Chaplain, and "bestowed the bread, steeped in wine," upon Empress Alexandra, the Dowager Empress and Grand Duchess Olga. 

This evening there was a "touching scene" at the Nicholas train station when Grand Duke Kirill, eldest son of Grand Duke Vladimir, uncle of Emperor, left for the Far East.   Grand Duke Kirill returned to St. Petersburg earlier today, and went to "take leave" of the Emperor. 

Kirill's mother, Grand Duchess Marie "broke down at the last minute and embraced her son.  Grand Duke Vladimir, usually stern, also "shed tears.

The Grand Duke was also embraced by his two younger brothers, Grand Duke Boris and Grand Duke Andrei.  He will be traveling to Port Arthur to act as "chief officer of the flagship."

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