Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cousin won't kiss King Michael

February 20, 1928

Queen Marie of Yugoslavia arrived in Bucharest today with her two sons, four-year-old Crown Prince Peter and newborn, Prince Tomislav.  The queen, the consort of King Alexander, is visiting her mother, Queen Marie of Romania, reports the New York Times.

This is the first time that Queen Marie, widow of King Ferdinand, has seen her new grandson.

As the royal party alighted from the train in Bucharest,  six-year-old King Michael "embraced and saluted his younger cousin."    Apparently Crown Prince Peter was having none of it, and "failed to return the greeting."  Michael "grasped his arms and attempted to show him now."  

The boy king, who succeeded his grandfather King Ferdinand last year,  seemed perplexed by his cousin's lack of response.

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