Monday, October 22, 2012

The Eitel Friedrichs are divorced

October 22, 1926

The marriage between Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia and his wife Sophie Charlotte is now over, reports the New York Times.  The princess has received a decree absolute from Prince Eitel Friedrich, second son of the former Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Very few details were released to the press.  The divorce decree "merely states" that Prince Eitel was the guilty party.

The Princess was the first to file for divorce.  Her estranged husband counter sued, stating that her "desire to become a movie star caused her to hang around movie studios, to the disgrace and humiliation of the royal family."

The couple have been living apart for more than ten years.  Prince Eitel Friedrich and Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg were married in February 1907.  They were introduced at the wedding of Eitel's older brother, Crown Prince Wilhelm, who married Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg in 1906.

Princess Sophie may soon be married to Major von Plettenburg, an old family friend and, one of the Princess' admirers.

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