Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess Madeleine to marry

 photo by Eva Marie Rundquist
 photo by Eva Marie Rundquist

Now that's what I call an October surprise!   Princess Madeleine of Sweden is to marry American Christopher O'Neill in 2013.  The official announcement was made earlier today.
Interview with Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill
Drottningholm palace Wednesday October 24, 2012
How does it feel to be engaged?
Princess Madeleine: We are both extremely happy and delighted. It is a very special day for us.
When and how did Christopher propose?
Princess Madeleine: Chris proposed to me at the beginning of October. It was a very romantic and intimate proposal, but more details about the proposal we want to keep to ourselves.
Christopher, were you nervous? Had you planned this for a long time?
I had been thinking about proposing for a while, but I wanted to wait until the right moment. But I have been sure all along that Madeleine was the one I wanted to marry.
Where did you meet the first time?
Princess Madeleine: We met through mutual friends. For me it started with a great friendship. We share the same humor and we have a lot of fun together. Christopher opened up my heart, he is my soul mate.
Christopher, when did you know Princess Madeleine was the right one?
From the very outset, I immediately felt something special with Madeleine.
What was your first impression of Christopher?
Princess Madeleine: I appreciate Chris for his warmth and his humour. He has a very big heart and he manages to make everyone in his presence feel good. Christopher is a very thoughtful and generous person.
Christopher, have you asked the King´s permission for Princess Madeleine's hand?
Yes, I met with The King and I asked His Majesty´s permission to marry Princess Madeleine.
What was the King´s response?
Christopher O'Neill: The King and The Queen were both happy, and touched as well, I think.

Christopher, do you know any Swedish?
I can say some Swedish phrases and am in the process of taking lessons so that I may speak fluently in due course.
Princess Madeleine, how do you feel about Christopher´s family?
I appreciate Christopher´s family very much. They have always been very nice to me and welcomed me with open arms. Christopher has a lovely family!
Christopher, how do you feel about Princess Madeleine´s family?
I know the Swedish royal family very well. They have been extremely welcoming to me and I felt part of the family right from the very beginning. Madeleine´s family is very warm and we have a very good time when we all see each other.
Talking about family, will you start planning for a family right away?
Princess Madeleine: Of course we look forward to getting married and someday building our own family.
Where will you live?
Princess Madeleine: For the time being we will continue to live in New York due to both of our current obligations. However, we will not exclude the possibility of moving to Sweden in due course.

Christopher, what do you think about Sweden?
Sweden is fantastic. It is such a beautiful country with very friendly people. I have mostly just been to Stockholm and Öland but I hope I will have the opportunity to visit Sweden a little more often now.

Lastly and most importantly, when is the big day?
Princess Madeleine: We will have to get back to you regarding that. The wedding will take place in Sweden sometime during the summer of 2013.


mstj said...

I wonder if this wedding will clash with Andrea Casiraghi's?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Why would this wedding clash with Andrea Casiraghi's wedding. Madeleine is a royal princess, the daughter of a reigning sovereign. Andrea is not a royal. His mother is a princess, but he is not royal. His wedding will be largely private (like the engagement)and reigning royals from all over Europe won't attending.

mstj said...

I meant from the perspective of royal watchers.

new york texan said...

There's something a little fishy about this guy. His family's personal history, particularly his mother's, is frankly too questionable for him to become a member of a royal family as answerable to their government, let alone public opinion, as Sweden's, and hasn't Madelaine already drawn fire from the Swedish press for continuing to draw a government allowance inspite of having moved to New York? I doubt Swedish tax payers were pleased with the news that her allowance will continue now that she's permanately settling there, and marrying an apparent millionaire besides. I realize she will continue to carry out minor, occasional duties on behalf of the king, but I doubt she's worth the continued expenditure. In general, I doubt this impending marriage will stem the tide of the Swedish monarchy's declining popularity.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Madeleine receives payment for official duties ..she does not get a government allowance. She is paid only for those duties she carries out. This was pointed out in the papers yesterday. He comes from a family of self-made millionaires, from poor immigrants from Italy and Ireland to become very well off. Two of his half sisters have made good aristocratic marriages, and even though Mom has been married four times, she moves in the right circles and is not shunned ...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I doubt the weddings will clash. The dates are entirely to be different. Madeleline is a princess. Andrea is a very rich commoner.

phoebes in santa fe said...

new york texan@7.42p - what's sketchy about they guy's parents, and his mother, in particular?

new york texan said...

I used the word "allowance" yesterday because I had read it from what I'd considered an unimpeachable source, i.e. you.:-) In your Oct. 25 post concerning Madeline retaining her title you state in the second line of the second paragraph that she will continue to receive her allowance, or apanage. Regardless of how her government subsidy gets allotted to her, she did come under heavy fire earlier this year for spending too much time living in New York. She even had to stay in Sweden longer after her niece's christening so she could be seen patronizing her charities, i.e. giving good value for money. Even though she gave an interview stating that her stay in New York was being privately funded, why would the Royal Court have reacted so strongly to media criticism if it was all just a misunderstanding? This certainly has been an "Annus Horribilis" for Carl XVI Gustaf! Why, in what undoubtedly has been the worst year of their father's reign, are his children either minding their own business, lying low, or leaving the country instead of standing by their father and supporting him? I wonder what the Bernadotte family dynamic is truly like behind palace walls. P.S.- I ADORE YOU. I've read your work since I was a child, I regularly annotate my copy of QVD, and I'm THRILLED to be finally corresponding with you!!!!!!!