Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hermine getting ready for her wedding

October 24, 1922

Princess Hermine Reuss is a busy lady these days as she has spent the last week at Doorn "actively directing" the preparations for her forthcoming marriage to former Kaiser Wilhelm II. 

According to a New York Times dispatch, the princess has been "arranging for the installation of furniture, the decoration of her apartments, and the making of other preparations."

Officially, her presence at Haus Doorn has been secret. She will leave Doorn on November 1, and return the following day, "officially announcing her arrival."

A Doctor Schmidt from Berlin is also a guest at Haus Doorn, but he is not treating the former Kaiser, but Princess Hermine, whose health "necessitates the presence of a specialist."

The Prince of Fürstenberg has also arrived at Haus Doorn, according to an official announcement.

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