Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friso has resigned his position at URENCO

One assumes that this was on Friso's behalf

On 5 October 2012, the Board of URENCO Limited with deep regret accepted Friso van Oranje’s resignation from the position of CFO and Director of URENCO. Following consultation among URENCO’s executive and Friso van Oranje’s representatives, all parties agreed that URENCO needs continuity of its financial leadership and understand that Friso will not be able to return to his position as CFO in the near future due to his health condition.

Helmut Engelbrecht, CEO of URENCO, said:
“Friso made an invaluable contribution to our company since joining us in early 2011. He provided strategic insight into the company’s direction, enhanced its financial stewardship, and initiated impactful initiatives to strengthen the Group’s financial management and sustainability.
I feel privileged to have worked with Friso. He made an outstanding contribution to URENCO; the team and the Board have the highest respect for his integrity, strategic vision and intelligence and he will be sadly missed. We certainly hope that he will make a good recovery and that we will be able to welcome him back in due time.”
Our thoughts are with Friso’s family – especially his daughters and wife – and we wish them all the best in these challenging times.”
URENCO plans to appoint a new CFO as soon as a suitable candidate has been identified.

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