Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crown Prince Michael to return to Romania

October 4, 1932

King Carol II has ordered his son, Crown Prince Michael, to return to Romania tomorrow, according to the Associated Press.  The young prince has been in England for the past two weeks visiting his mother, Princess Helena. 

Earlier today, Prince Michael and his mother had tea at Buckingham Palace with King George V and Queen Mary.

Carol's order brought a swift end to Michael's happy visit with his mother.  Yesterday, Princess Helen told Romanian friends that Carol cut Michael's visit to "persecute her."   She is said to be bitter about the decision and was quoted in the Daily Mail as "charging Carol's 'jealousy' over the sympathy of the British public for her."  Princess Helen believes that this is the reason for Carol's decision to order Michael's "immediate return."

Princess Helen and her son tried to make the best of "few hours left to them." On the drive to Buckingham Palace, Michael sat in the front with the chauffeur, but on the return trip, he was seen in the back seat of the car with his mother's arm wrapped around him.

Mother and son dined together, and Michael "was soon in bed."  He will leave with his mother tomorrow for Dover by car and then cross the channel to France.

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