Friday, October 5, 2012

Photos from the Memorial Service for Prince Paul, Princess Olga and Prince Nicholas of Serbia

Princess Elizabeth and her daughter, Catherine Oxenberg

Crown Prince Alexander, Catherine Oxenberg and Princess Elizabeth

Crown Prince Alexander, Catherine Oxenberg, Princess Elizabeth
Prince Vladimir (behind Catherine) and Princess Birgitta.

Crown Princess Katherine and Princess Linda (widow of Prince Tomislav)

Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Princess Linda

Princess Elizabeth and her sister-in-law, Princess Barbara, wife of Prince Alexander

Catherine Oxenberg

Prince Alexander and Princess Elizabeth, the two surviving children of Prince Paul and Princess Olga and Princess Barbara (Alexander's wife)

My thanks to HRH Princess Elizabeth for allowing me to use these photos from the memorial service at Oplenac for her parents, Prince Paul and Princess Olga and her brother, Prince Nicholas, after their coffins were exhumed from a cemetery in Lausanne. 

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