Thursday, October 4, 2012

Julia Grant's son plays with Czar's children

October 4, 1902

Prince Michael Cantacuzene, the great-grandson of the late U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, "enjoys the distinction" of being the "playfellow of the children of Czar Nicholas.

The Chicago Tribune notes that the little boy ignores the importance of the situation.  His mother, Princess Cantacuzene, is the former Miss Julia Grant, who has become one of Empress Alexandra's "most intimate friends."  The princess is oft-described as the "happiest American woman who ever married to a foreign title."  She married Prince Cantacuzene three years ago.

St. Petersburg society has been interested in the American-born princess since her arrival in Russia largely due to her position as the granddaughter of the Civil War general.  She is one of the most popular women at the Russian Court.

The Princess and Empress Alexandra soon became friends, and the princess and her young son are frequent visitors to Alexandra's apartments.   Young Prince Michael quickly "bolts into the nursery to introduce the grand duchess to the latest American games," which has learned from his mother.

The two-year-old Prince is said to be large for his age.  He was "brevetted a Russian general of division," before he was out of "his swaddling clothes."

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