Monday, October 15, 2012

Duchess Rixa of Oldenburg's wedding

all three photos copyrighted by Netty Leistra

Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg married Stephan Sanders at the  Nienstedtener Kirche at Hamburg-Nienstedten on Saturday.  The German magazine, Bunte, will have a largely exclusive article with photos in next week's issue. 

The guest included the bride's mother, Princess Marie Cecile of Prussia, and other family members including Prince and Princess Michael of Prussia and his two daughters, Micaela and Nataly, Prince and Princess Christian Sigismund of Prussia and their two children, Princess Irina and Prince Christian, Princess Viktoria Luise and Prince Joachim Albrecht of Prussia, Patrick and Sebastian Lithander and their wives, Maja and Tiana, and  Kira-Marina and Andreas von Bismarck, Duke Peter of Oldenburg, Duchess Helene of Oldenburg, Prince and Princess Philipp of Croy Other noble guests included the Prince and Princess of Salm-Salm, Prince and Princess Dimitri Romanov Count and Countess Mathias of Castell-Rüdenhausen, Princess Marie-Alix of Schleswig-Holstein and Rixa von Wartenberg who was born a Princess of Waldeck und Pyrmont.

Duchess Rixa, 42, is one of three children of Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg and his first wife, Princess Marie Cecile of Prussia.

The bride was given away by her brother, Duke Paul, and not her father, who did not attend the wedding.   The Oldenburg children did not attend the wedding of their cousin, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia.  Georg Friedrich's uncles, Friedrich Wilhelm, Michael and Christian Sigismund, and aunt Marie Cecile also did not attend that wedding. 

Duke Friedrich August and Princess Marie Cecile are divorced.  His second wife, Donata, is widow of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, the third son of the late Prince Louis Ferdinand, head of the family, and is the mother of Georg Friedrich.

Although the legal issues have been largely settled by the German courts,  there is still some tension between Georg Friedrich and his uncles and aunt.


Lindy D. said...

Marlene, does this mean that her father was not invited to the wedding?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Or declined to come.