Monday, October 1, 2012

George to marry Ingrid

October 1, 1932

The Prince of Wales and his younger brother, Prince George, have arrived in Stockholm, giving "rise to the rumors" to an engagement between Prince George and Princess Ingrid of Sweden, daughter of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and the late Princess Margaret of Connaught.

One report states that the official announcement will be made on Tuesday by the Crown Prince at a dinner.

Dispatches published in London "made a point in commenting on the warmth of greetings" between Princess Ingrid and Prince George.

Official circles in London, however, stated that there "is not foundation whatsoever" for the rumor regarding Prince George's engagement.

Princess Ingrid, a granddaughter of the Duke of Connaught, is a frequent visitor to London, "where she is very popular.  She visited England in July for the season, and had lunch with the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace.

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emily said...

There were very few non-Catholic princes that Ingrid was not linked to in the years before she married Frederik. Ingrid was paired with three of George V's sons, Carol II of Romania (after his divorce from Helen), and Olav of Norway, among others.