Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nothing left to do but wait

Having grown up in New Jersey, I know what to do in a hurricane ...

I've bought water and batteries, although all the usual places were out of D batteries - WalMart, Target, the supermarkets, CVS, Home Depot ... but Barnes & Noble had plenty of D batteries.   Most people do not realize that Barnes & Noble sells batteries. 

Am making a roast chicken tomorrow, which should last a few days even if the power goes out. I have cereal, tuna, tortilla chips, salsa and wine!  Everything will be charged to the max on Monday. 

The bathtub will be filled on Monday as well .. just in case the water goes, which happened to me when Isabel hit.  (If you are wondering why I will be filling the bathtub ... then you've never been through a hurricane or a huge storm)

I have plenty to read! 

The only thing left to decide: leave the Halloween lights up on the balcony .. or take them down tomorrow! 


julaine said...

Good luck to all of you in the Northeast. As a native of Tampa, Florida I can sympathize. I have been in your shoes countless times. Ironically, I set sail for a week long cruise to the Carribean tomorrow afternoon. I have the feeling it is going to be a windy, rainy week and some of the ports are going to still be a bit of a mess from Sandy rolling over them last week. Just remember everyone, if the officials tell you to evacuate. Go! Nothing you own is worth losing your life over.

Michelle said...

we did the same. today we had to go out & flip our trampoline over (14 feet in diameter, no small feat!) because our last one blew over a fence during a wind storm and damaged our own property & destroyed it.

flipped it, then put heavy iron yard furniture on each end so wind couldn't get up under it & lift.

not sure how we're gonna get it flipped back over, but at least we aren't risking damaging our own property or anyone else's.

good luck to you! see you on the flip side ;-)