Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maria Theresa of Bavaria dead ...

October 24, 1912

The New York Times reported today, based on sources in Italy, that Princess Ludwig of Bavaria has died at Sorrento, Italy.
 She was the wife of Prince Ludwig, who is the heir to the Bavarian throne. The former Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria was born in 1849, the daughter of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Elisabeth. She married Prince Ludwig in 1868.

The princess is survived by her husband, five children (Rupprecht, Adelgunde, Maria, Karl and Franz) and numerous grandchildren.

[Note: Maria Theresa did not die on October 24, 1912. The Bavarian princess who died on October 24, 1912, was Princess Marie-Gabrielle, the wife of Prince Rupprecht.  This was not the first time that the press had reported Maria Theresa.  She was also reported to have died on March 1, 1909, in Cannes, where she had gone to recover from an illness.]

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WGABRY said...

Even then were mistaken to give the news, incredible !
If you want to browse this is my commemorative post about the event, in Italian, but there is a translator