Friday, October 5, 2012

Carol fights back against charges

October 6, 1932

Earlier today, King Carol II "bitterly denounced" accusations attributed to his former wife, Princess Helen, that were published in a London newspaper.  The Associated Press reports that the Daily Mail stated that the King "cut short" the visit of his son, Crown Prince Michael, to London because of the publicity.

"How untrue, unjust and unfair," the king exclaimed after he had "head the gist of Princess Helen's remarks in a "long distance telephone conversation."

"To think that this should be thrown in my face, when during the two years of my exile in Paris, I was not permitted to see Michael once, although I repeatedly sought permission to do so."

He also believed that Helen's interview was "invented," because he believed "it died not agree with the facts."

He said that his former wife had the right to come to Romania "any time she wished to see Michael."

He said she has asked for Michael to come and visit her in London, and he "readily agreed."  But he added that the Crown Prince was scheduled to return to Bucharest for the King's birthday on October 16. 

Michael also had an invitation to hunt at Sigmaringen, which he had accepted before he left for London.

Princess Helen and her son were both said to be in tears as Prince Michael boarded a boat for the channel crossing to Paris, where he will visit the auto show.

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