Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophie due in February

Prince Franz Friedrich of Prussia, in an interview with the Märkische Allgemeine, has spilled the beans regarding Princess Sophie of Prussia's due date.  Franz Friedrich, who lives in Potsdam with his second wife, Susann, said the baby is due in February.
 Several weeks ago, the Princess attended the opening of a new exhibition at Potsdam's town hall, and she was seen, looking tired, sitting on an a park bench, sitting in the shadow of St. Nicholas Church, away from the "scorching heat," while she waited for her husband, Prince Georg, who gave the opening speech.  

That the "extremely dutiful" Sophie left the official event led to the inevitable pregnancy speculation.

Prince Franz Friedrich, a grandson of Prince Joachim of Prussia, the youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, said that family members already knew about the pregnancy.

Prince Franz Friedrich said he learned the news from his brother, Prince Franz Wilhelm, who lives in Madrid.  Franz Wilhelm was one of the guests attending the 80th birthday party of Count Rudolf von Scönburg-Glauchau, who is married to Princess Marie Louise of Prussia.   Prince Georg was also a guest at  the party.  Prince Georg shared the news of impending fatherhood with his cousin, who then passed the news onto other family members including his brother, Franz Friedrich.

Prince Franz Friedrich said ""Of course, we are happy that a new generation is coming, and it is now quieter."

The reporter wanted to know what the Prince meant by  "quieter." 

Te prince explained "that previously there were intra-family disputes.  But now, thankfully, things have calmed down as a far as possible."

The sex of the child remains a "top secret."  The reporter asked if the child is a girl could she become the head of the house of Hohenzollern, or would that be against House Law.

Prince Franz Friedrich responded:  "If Georg would say: "My successor is our daughter!" -- who would want to disagree with him. He is the boss of the house, and he is capable of changing the House law."


Daphne said...

I very much like reading about Sophie and Georg. I haven't seen them on the guest list of the Luxembourg wedding, but I wish they would be there.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Georg is not a reigning royal ..he could be among the "heads of families" but that all depends if there is a relationship between the two houses. I doubt there is a close relationship considering Luxembourg and German history.