Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feud continues, even in death

The widow of the late Prince Albert of Saxony, Princess Elmira wanted her husband to be buried in the vault of Dresden's Hofkirche.  After the death of Albert's older brother, Prince Max Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen, in July,  Prince Albert and Princess Elmira began using the titles Margrave and Margravine of Meissen, even though Prince Albert had signed the family pact recognizing his nephew, Prince Alexander of Saxony-Gessaphe, as Max Emanuel's heir.

Prince Alexander, Margrave of Meissen, said no to Tante Elmira's request, offering instead a place next to the late Margrave at the chapel in Brennbichl.  Elmira declined this offer,  due to the feud between the two brothers.

 The funeral for the late Prince will be held on Friday October 12 at 2:30 p.m., at the Allherheilige Hofkirche in Dresden.   Prince Albert will be laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery at Dresden-Friedrichstadt.  He will be buried next to the composer Carl Maria von Weber.

Prince Albert's nephew, Rüdiger Prinz von Sachsen, 59, told reporters: "We do not yet know how many guests will attend the funeral."

The cemetery was established in 1720 at the request of Archduchess Maria Joseph of Austria, the wife of Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony.


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