Monday, October 15, 2012

The Coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie

October 15, 1922

King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania were "solemnly crowned" earlier today in a "vast public square in Alba Julia, amid the "plaudits of thousands of picturesquely dressed Rumanians," reports the Associated Press, which also noted that the ceremony took place "without any incident."

After the end of the church service a procession where the newly crowned king and queen were escorted by the Duke of York, representing his father, King George V, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, the Duke of Genoa, Infante Alfonso, the husband of Queen Marie's youngest sister, Beatrice, Marshal Foch and others marched from the church "to the richly decorated dais in the center of the square."

Stands had been built around the square "for the highest personages in the kingdom," and soon, the rest of the square was filled with people.

As soon as Ferdinand and Marie had taken their places on the dais, the President of the Senate placed the crown on the king's head.  The King then crowned the Queen, who knelt before him."

There were great cheers by crowd at the end of the ceremony, especially for Marshal Foch, who received a "special ovation."

The crown worn by King Ferdinand is the same one used by King Carol I.  It is made of "steel from Turkish guns captured at Plevna in 1877."

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