Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prussian - Isenburg nuptials: civil wedding

Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg were married today in a civil ceremony at the Potsdam's town hall.   The 35-year-old prince, who is head of the royal house of Prussia. and his 33=year-old fiancee, slipped into the town hall at noon.  They emerged an hour klater and were congratulated by Potsdam's mayor, Jann Jakobs, who had performed the wedding ceremony, which is required by German law.

Princess Sophie was dressed in a cream colored suit and carried a small nosegay of white flower.  Her new husband wore a blue suit with a blue tie.

After the ceremony, they were given a police escort to the Sanssouci Park.   The religious wedding will take place at the Friedenkirche in Sanssouci Park.

A selection of photos following the civil wedding.  Photo 5 shows Georg Friedrich's mentally-handicapped sister, Princess Cornelie-Cecilie.

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie have known each other since childhood.  If the monarchy still existed, Georg Friedrich would be der Kaiser, and his new bride, the Kaiserin. 

Approximately 720 guests will squeeze into the Friedenskirche to attend the Lutheran wedding, which will have an ecumenical bent, as the bride is a Roman Catholic.  She will retain her own faith. 

The Friedenskirche was modeled on a Northern Italian monastery and built at the request of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia (1795-1861.)  The bride will arrive at the church in a gray Rolls-Royce.  If the weather cooperates,  the newly weds will come out of the church and get into an open carriage for a ride through the park to the Neuen Kammern for a reception.  A gala dinner for 370 guests will be the final event in the day's celebrations.

Prince Georg Friedrich, who succeeded his grandfather, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, in 1994, is the only son of the late Prince Louis Ferdinand and Countess Donata zu Castell-Rüdenhausen.   The young Prince Louis Ferdinand died in 1977 as the result of an accident while on military manuevers.      Prince Georg Friedrich was a year old when his father died.

Princess Sophie, who was born in 1978, is the daughter of the Prince and Princess of Isenburg.

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