Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carol clarifies his marital status

August 3, 1931

King Carol II has issued a statement to "set at rest persistent rumors" about his marital status.  According to to a special cable to the New York Times, the king issued a "statement to the foreign press" that is his divorce from the former Queen Helen is "absolute and final."

He declared that "friendship between him and Helen would remain 'unclouded'" and that they will continue to share "the bond of parenthood" with their only child, 9-year-old Crown Prince Michael.

The King hopes that his statement to the media will end the "further unpleasantness caused by continued press comment on his marital affairs."

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John said...

Ha! I skimmed the title of that posting and for a second I thought it said "Carol clarifies his *mental* status"

Certainly would explain some of his behavior.