Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Mad Mickey" sits on Romanian throne

August 2, 1927

The new king of Romania, Michael I, has deep dimples, golden hair and blues.   Today, the five-year-old king "renounced his toys and his pet dog" to sit on the throne in Bucharest's royal palace as the Regency "formally establishes itself," reports the Associated Press.

Michael's grandmother, Queen Marie, calls  him "Mad Mickey" because of his "mischievous, impulsive nature."  Michael will not be crowned king until he reaches his 18th birthday.  Today's event was purely formal to allow the Regency to dispose of a "number of state matters."

Although he was "very much interested in the lavish surroundings of the throne room,"  Michael said in "an unkingly way" that he thought that the throne room would be the perfect place to "use his American rubber-tired scooter," which is said to the the "chief joy of his life."

Young Michael is now sovereign of more than 16,000,000 people.  He is haunted by the protocol that reminds him "that he can no longer act as other boys, but must keep ever in mind that he is a King."

Queen Marie said that Michael's worst trait is "that he loves to tease cats and dogs."  Although he was bitten several times, and despite getting sick from "too much Pasteur treatment," he has not been cured of "his love of teasing" his pets.

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Gary said...

Interesting that HM's life-long love of vehicles was already in evidence. Who could have imagined what a tumultuous (and heroic) life that little boy has led since that day?