Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As everyone who knows me knows London is my fav city in the world.  

I am appalled by the continuing riots.  I do not buy into the poor me, disadvantaged youths story.  But every person who is arrested (and found guilty) should be put to work to rebuild the neighborhoods they have tried to destroy.   Instead of jail, they should be taken back to the communities, and handed a tool kit and paint and paint brushes to hammer, repair, restore, rebuild and repaint.  Not only will they be repaying a debt to society, they will be acquiring new skills. 

I want to know how can these "disadvantaged" youths afford Blackberrys?  I cannot afford one, and I work full time.

If you are in London, here is a site for more information on taking part in cleanups!  

Wombles are ready to reclaim the best city in the world ... Go Wombles, Go!