Thursday, August 4, 2011

Empress Friedrich dying

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August 4, 1901

Members of the German Imperial Family are now gathering at the beside of Empress Friedrich, who is "lying dangerously ill," reports the New York Times.
Empress Auguste Viktoria, and three of her sons, Crown Prince Wilhelm, Prince Eitel Friedrich, and Prince August Wilhelm, arrived late tonight at Kronberg.  Other members of the family, including Prince and Princess Friedrich Karl of Hesse, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Greece and Princess Adolf of Schaumburg Lippe have already arrived and are at the Dowager Empress' bedside.

The Empress and the Crown Prince arrived from Wilhelmshöhe at 7:30 p.m.  They were met by the Crown Prince of Greece, who is married to the Empress Friedrich's daughter, Sophie.

The Empress' eldest son, Kaiser Wilhelm II, has been summoned by telegraph and is expected to arrive by 3 a.m.  He is en route from Kiel, having arrived earlier today from Bergen.

The following bulletin has been issued regarding the Empress' health:  "The external disease from which her Majesty is suffering and which for years, has been slowly increasing, has in the course of the last few weeks extended to the internal organs.  Her Majesty's strength is diminishing rapidly owing to an inability to take sufficient nourishment.  She is conscious and at the present without pain."

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