Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Albert speaks out: "everything is false"

Prince Albert II of Monaco recently sat down for an interview with Monaco Hebdo's  Milena Radoman.

He remains indignant about the rumors concerning the alleged flight of Princess Charlene before the marriage and reports of one or two more illegitimate children.

The Prince remains emphatic that these reports are false.   "We have a document from the French National police that we did not disclose that certifies at no time, did anyone intervene to stop Charlene.  Or to intercept or to block the departure of a plane!  These rumors had already started a few weeks before our wedding.  Charlene had gone by plane to Paris with her mother for the final fitting of her wedding dress.  She also made a return trip to Athens because she was invited to the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.  But the rumors began before these trips.  I can assure you that at no time did she want to escape.  This is absurd, totally crazy."

He added:  "As for the story of an illegitimate child, I have no idea where this came from.  But this is absolutely false."

Radoman also asked the Prince if he knew who started the rumors, and if he did know, would he take actions?

Albert responded: "I think there are people in Monaco who did not accept certain decisions, such as not being invited to all events of the wedding.  There is certainly a mixture of frustration and resentment mixed with all of these.  In any case, we will conduct an investigation and one day I'll know who started the rumors."

He also addressed the international coverage of the rumors.  "With the new technology, we entered an age where any information, verified for not, is multiplied and amplified.  Not to mention the brilliance with which it is spreading thanks to social networks and the Internet.... What shocks me most today is that our expressions and behaviors are interpreted and dissected.  For example, it was said that Charlene looks sad and I too expansive.   This is the first time I've been criticized for not being friendly enough ... We forget our attitude at an official event is not the same as when we are private. I want to assure those concerned for our happiness," the Prince said with a knowing smile, " that Charlene and I are very happy."


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