Monday, August 29, 2011

Interview with Susann Prinzessin von Preussen

For Princess Susann von Preussen, the wife of Prince Franz Friedrich,  a great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the crowning finale of the wedding celebrations of Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia was the gala event at the Orangerie.

The former pianist lives in Potsdam with her husband.  She is involved in children and animal welfare charities.  She talked about Saturday's events with a reporter from the Märkische Allegemeine.

How do you feel the day after?  "Bad, thank you.  My husband and I can hardly speak, because we are so hoarse.  You have to imagine: my husband's family who came came to Potsdam.  Relatives living elsewhere in Peru, in Madrid, in Berne, Munich,  all came for the wedding.  In addition, we danced to four o'clock in the morning.   We rarely go out otherwise, so we wanted to take part in this great opportunity."

Were there many speeches?   "Yes,  Georg Friedrich gave a very speech about Sophie.  He repeated among other things, what he said at the charity concert on Friday at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt that one of Sophie's tasks is to take over the Prinzessin Kira von Preussen Stiftung.

What are the responsibilities of the foundation.  "The foundation allows children to have a vacation at the family's castle at the Swabian town of Hechingen.   Recently, a youth group of Israelis, Palestinians and Americans stayed there.   I think Sophie will fit the bill perfectly.  I have observed over the past year and at the occasion of the charity concert of the Foundation,.  She was very relaxed and very welcoming to children."

Sophie comes from a large family.   "Yes, she has two brothers and two sisters.  By nature she is very nice and very accessible."

The evening's menu included Brandenburg specialities.  "It was a four-course menu, a blend of white fish, venison also.  What was especially cute were the individual desserts for each person: a a small wedding cake with raspberries and blackberries."

The reporter then noted that the recent British royal wedding was less formal, and rock music was played.  The Potsdam wedding was gala dress with medals and tiaras.  That sounds like a stiff event.

"Not at all.  There was endless talk, and late into the evening Max Raabe and his Palastorchestor entertained the guests.   Earlier, the police band played in front of the Orangerie.  It was cold, but very beautiful.  Prince Georg Friedrich's grandfather, Prince Louis Ferdinand, was a composer himself and had a very close relationship with the Potsdam police orchestra."

So it was a relaxing evening?   "Yes, but before the wedding, many of the guests were fearful of riots.  But luckily everything went peacefully. It is wonderful how Potsdam has been so delighted with the couple, and, in turn, Georg Friedrich and Sophie are extremely pleased."

Do you think the General Administration of the Prussian House, which is in Berlin, will relocate to Potsdam?  "No, I do not think so.  The head of the General Administration, Michaele Blankart, lives in Berlin.  But the two cities are so close that the young couple are sure to be here often in the future."

Has Potsdam benefited from the wedding?  "I think so.  Many hotels were fully booked for the wedding.  Many guests were thrilled to be here for the first time.  We were peppered with questions about Potsdam, about the sites.  Everything was so stressful before the wedding that many are planning to come back for a visit."

How was the wedding?  "Unfortunately, I could not see because of all of the hats in front of me. But there were very poignant moments. What touched me deeply was the ring exchange.  The rings belonged to Georg Friedrich's parents, Prince Louis Ferdinand, and Princess Donata.   Donata kept her late husband's ring, and gave it along with her own ring to the younger generation."

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