Friday, August 5, 2011

Minnie -- I mean Sarah -- the moocher

She's paid off her debts (with a lot of help from others), she now has an income of £100,000 (for what), and has spent a lot of time at posh resorts, fancy parties and other social events -- all on someone else's American Express card ...

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John said...

I'm speechless. This foolish woman is her own worst enemy, she will never learn. She is Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair, it is amazing. Even if most of these trips are paid for by her friends, she is foolish to not maintain a public facade of economy considering her horrible reputation. Why should anyone believe she will ever change, considering her cycle of crying poverty and yet lives a life FAR greater than the average bankrupt divorcee. She is insane if she thinks anyone will believe she has 'found' or 'rebuilt' anything about herself.

"Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar."