Monday, August 1, 2011

Albert & Charlene - cruising the Greek isles

After their trip to South Africa - more business and less honeymoon, the newly married  Prince and Princess of Monaco  spent a more quiet honeymoon in Mozambique.   They are now, apparently, on a yacht cruising the Greek isles.  The Zimbawe-born Princess Charlene, who moved to South Africa as a child, sent an email to a South African journalist, Clyde Meel, informing him about the honeymoon and then-upcoming trip to Greece.

The message was published in the Benoni City Times.  We had a wonderful time in Mozambique, it was incredibly beautiful and very relaxing.  Now we go for a few days on a boat tour along the Greek islands.

The Prince and Princess of Monaco have filed suit against L'Express, the French magazine, regarding their story about Charlene bolting before the wedding, and the possibility of a third illegitimate child for Prince Albert.

L'Express is a serious magazine.  The editor stands by his story, and his sources.  On the day of the wedding, a palace official did confirm that Prince Albert would take a DNA test after returning from the honeymoon.

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