Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Has Boris found a bride?

August 2, 1927

King Boris of Bulgaria has apparently found a "Nordic, if not a blonde, for a Queen, reports United Press. 

The American news agency's report is based on dispatches from "Balkan capitals."   The king is to meet a Swedish princess in Switzerland, where the engagement announcement is expected to take place.

Simultaneously "it is announced" that King Gustav V of Sweden is on his way to Switzerland to meet his wife, Queen Victoria, who is at Lake Constance.

King Boris has only two Swedish princesses to choose as his wife:  Princess Ingrid, 17, is the only daughter of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and his first wife, Princess Margaret of Connaught and Princess Martha, 26, the daughter of Prince Carl, King Gustav's younger brother.

The Daily Express, a London newspaper, is reporting that Boris will meet the unnamed princess in Lausanne.  He recently left Bulgaria, "traveling incognito on what was officially described as a holiday tour," although many assume, including his subjects, that he is "seeking a consort."

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