Saturday, August 27, 2011

More photos from the wedding

The newlyweds
Prince Radu and Crown Princess Margarita

The Princess of Isenburg (bride's mother) and Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg (groom's stepfather)

Prince Jaime and Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon Parma

duke and duchess of Castro

The photos in this post were taken by Anuschka Becker.  The photos are her copyright, and please DO NOT COPY!    Thanks


Ron said...

Who is the couple in the 3rd picture? The woman is wearing a yellow coat.

Bea said...

Marlene, I didn't see Marie Cecile of Prussia at the wedding. Is there bad relations between them too? I never seen her mention in the lawsuits and I know Donata married her ex-husband, though I don't think was she the cause of the marriage's end. Bea

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No idea (yet) if Marie Cecile was present (and Donata was not the cause of the breakup.) But not sure if her children were there either. Paul converted to the Catholic church, which did not go down well with his family.